Protect Nebraska Children PAC formed in 2021 to address the need for conservative state board of education members. That year, the Nebraska Department of Education proposed health standards which contained graphic sexual content, gender ideology, and concepts of critical race theory. The 2021 state board members approved, but due to the groundswell of concern and outrage by Nebraskans, they were forced to indefinitely postpone the health standards.

Parents, grandparents, taxpayers, and citizens—many of whom had never followed politics before— became informed and got involved.

PNC PAC is a true grassroots effort, and our team of volunteers carefully and wisely invest every donated dollar.


PNC PAC uses initial questionnaires and personal recommendations to find candidates. We then screen potential candidates using interviews and references.

We support candidates who are guided by the following beliefs:

  • Students should learn in an environment free from identity politics
  • Parents should have their concerns and rights respected
  • Teachers should teach in an environment free from coercion
  • Students, staff, and families should have their personal data protected
  • Special interest organizations should not control what our students are learning


Our first PNC PAC election was in 2022.

In local school board races, 75% of our nearly 70 endorsed candidates were elected.

We supported four candidates for the state board of education. Three of them were elected and are making a difference: Kirk Penner (District 5), Sherry Jones (District 6), and Elizabeth Tegtmeier (District 7).

In 2024, we can flip the board to a majority of conservatives. No matter your district, this is a statewide race. Every decision made by the board will directly impact the children (and taxes) in your community. A donation to PNC PAC is the simplest and best way to support ALL of the strongest conservatives.


We believe state and local school board races are critical. Please join us today by making a one-time or monthly donation to PNC PAC.